Spell Ola
Light Lager Røros Bryggeri

Spell-Ola Light Lager

Røros, october 1670. The people starves and the workers at Røros mine company haven’t recieved their sallary in several years. Spell-Ola has to og to the king in Copenhagen again. Maybe their complaint will work this time? But the director gets news about the plans and Spell-Ola gets throw in chains in Mørkstuggu. In anger the workers surrounds the home of the

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Porter Røros Bryggeri

Kølfogdens Kreglinporter Porter

Kølfogden Hedstrøm is An-Magritt’s strict, but at the same time loving and always present guardian. He is a figure that has been resurrected from the dead. He has escaped for Kalmar through Falun and over to the area around Røros and Ålen. He has come to guard the roads that is beeing used to transport coal to the mines. His dreadful appearance makes

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Johannes Konstknekt
Pale Kölsch Røros Brygger

Johannes Konstknekt Pale Kölsch

Johannes Konstknekt has a dream. He dreams of building the perfect waterwheel. After being expelled from Freiberg Hüttenschule after to many visits in the pubs of the town, he arrives the develish landscape around the smelter of Cornelia in Ålen. The young and visionary scientist meets the love of his life, An-Magritt. Together they fight through bad years, injustice and unhappiness. With his

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IPA beer Røros Bryggeri

Hovistuten IPA and Münchener Beer

The bull Hovistuten is more like a half-human with four hooves and the loyal friend and servant of An-Magritt. With raw power he pulls the plows through the old swamps while he tub and groan. He rolls over big stones and rotten roots while his red eyes stares into the ground. This is how the people make a living in the harsh

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Bersens Bayer
Dark Beer Røros Bryggeri

Bersens Beyer - Dark Beer

Bersens Bayer has its name from miners that for forced upon to live by the mines in the mountain from monday to friday throughout the hole year. After ten hours of hard work in darkness they were stowed into small barracks with hundreds of men. In the crowded barracks they har the opertunity to rest and make some food over a small

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Pale Ale Røros

An-Magritt Pale Ale

An-Magritt grew up among men in a harsh and cold enviroment minted by hate and brutality. She knew how to take care of her self and fought against injustice and suppression. With her loyal companion Hovistuten, she fights a hard and unyielding fight against the harsh weather, while she takes the copper over the mountain. Behind the brutal reality she has a glimp

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