Bersens Bayer
Dark Beer Røros Bryggeri

Bersens Beyer – Dark Beer

Røros Bryggeri og Mineralvannfabrikk

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Bersens Bayer has its name from miners that for forced upon to live by the mines in the mountain from monday to friday throughout the hole year. After ten hours of hard work in darkness they were stowed into small barracks with hundreds of men. In the crowded barracks they har the opertunity to rest and make some food over a small fire in the middle of the barrack. Most of them also runned a small farm so that they could secure themself against bad years and to supply the mine company with horses and bulls for transportation. The Bayer came to Norway around the middle of the 19th century, and was something a hardworkin miner would appriciate when a long and hard week was over.

Area of use: Dark lager that goes well with dark meat, beef, lamb, roasted meat, sausage, meat balls and pasta. Bayer is a good alternative to wine.

Box of 12 bottles

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