IPA beer Røros Bryggeri

Hovistuten IPA and Münchener Beer

Røros Bryggeri og Mineralvannfabrikk

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The bull Hovistuten is more like a half-human with four hooves and the loyal friend and servant of An-Magritt. With raw power he pulls the plows through the old swamps while he tub and groan. He rolls over big stones and rotten roots while his red eyes stares into the ground. This is how the people make a living in the harsh enviroment in and around the mines. Strong wind, snow and hail whips against the skull of Hovistuten, but not even he can live without sunshine. The places where he plows the shiny plow through the fields and in the light from the full moon, that is where the crop grows best.

Area of use: Inspired by English types of beer with less carbonation and a distinct, aromatic hop. This beer goes well with heavy meals such as red meat, pizza, lasagne and barbeque.

Box of 12 bottles

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