Johannes Konstknekt
Pale Kölsch Røros Brygger

Johannes Konstknekt Pale Kölsch

Røros Bryggeri og Mineralvannfabrikk

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Johannes Konstknekt has a dream. He dreams of building the perfect waterwheel. After being expelled from Freiberg Hüttenschule after to many visits in the pubs of the town, he arrives the develish landscape around the smelter of Cornelia in Ålen. The young and visionary scientist meets the love of his life, An-Magritt. Together they fight through bad years, injustice and unhappiness. With his life at stake he learns how to handle the mysteries of the waterwheel. A mad man kills Johannes Konstknekt, but his dreams becomes real and lives on long after his death.

Area of use: A german inspired weat beer with light sweetness and a hint of citrus and bitterness. This beer goes well with fish, seafood, chicken, salads and fruit desserts.

Box of 12 bottles

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