Spell Ola
Light Lager Røros Bryggeri

Spell-Ola Light Lager

Røros Bryggeri og Mineralvannfabrikk

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Røros, october 1670. The people starves and the workers at Røros mine company haven’t recieved their sallary in several years. Spell-Ola has to og to the king in Copenhagen again. Maybe their complaint will work this time? But the director gets news about the plans and Spell-Ola gets throw in chains in Mørkstuggu. In anger the workers surrounds the home of the director. It is working class against upper class, axe against chord. After a swift, but hard fight the workers triumphs after taring Mørkstuggu apart. Spell-Ola are freed from the chains and the workers can finally celebrate their sallary.

Area of use: Light lager with a certain hint of hop. This beer is base on german and czech beer traditions. Goes well with courses of fish, light meat, salt food, flavorful and strong food, as well as light cheese.

Box of 12 bottles

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